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24 November, 2017

Office 365 is a powerful suite of software but we suspect it’s a bit like your smartphone – you only use a small amount of its capability.

Because you arelikely to be familiar with a number of applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint. We expect you tend to stick with what you know.

However, the technology is constantly evolving, and there’s now so much you can do with Office 365, it’s a question of finding the bits that are relevant to you.

Whenever we install Office 365 for a client, we always provide on-the-spot training to help you understand the myriad of ways in which it can help you and your teams to be more productive. There are so many great features available that it’s a shame not to use them.

Once you have used new features once or twice, they become intuitive so they can simply become part of the way you work.

In our experience, a little time invested now in understanding Office 365’s capabilities will pay dividends in future in terms of time saving and collaboration.

Here are just 5 of the many Office 365 features which we think you won’t want to be without once you’ve tried them Real-time co-authoring.

1. Real-time co-authoring

You can save a file on OneDrive or SharePoint and then review it in real-time with a colleague.  Both of you can make changes to the document at the same time while viewing the document as it changes.  This reduces the need to send email attachments and await a colleague’s response. Making it a much more collaborative way to work.

In addition, this system helps with version control. You can view each document and see what changes were made by whom and when.

2. Chat with colleagues in Office apps

Skype is integrated into Office 365 so you can use it to chat (video and audio) as well as share screens with colleagues.  This is another great feature for collaboration, especially with colleagues who are located in different offices.

3. Share stored documents for co-editing

Instead of sending email attachments you can share a link to a document stored on OneDrive or SharePoint. The system automatically grants access rights to the people you send the email to though you can change permissions at any time. This is a fantastic feature when you need a number of people to give input to one document. As you can be sure that everyone is looking at the latest version.

4. Work anywhere from any device

Because Office 365 is a cloud based system. Allowing you access to your files from any device wherever there is an internet connection. You don’t need to install Office software on the device, and you don’t need to worry about storing files locally. If your role involves travel, or you regularly work from home or other offices, this feature certainly makes life a lot easier!

5. Office 365 planner

This is a relatively new project management tool which has been introduced and it enables you to work with colleagues to create plans, assign tasks, share files and manage deadlines. Teams can receive notifications and view dashboards to help projects to run more smoothly.

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