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19 May, 2016

Microsoft Virtual AcademyComputer Science is now a hot topic since the national curriculum overhaul in 2014. The introduction of the new computer science  program has brought many challenges to schools, from which coding languages to teach, to getting all students at all levels to engage and enjoy computer science. Furthermore there are plenty of resources available to educators and students, and Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) is one of the best around.

Get Great Educator Resources like Microsoft Virtual Academy

Computer Science has previously been tarnished with an unglamorous image making it hard to popularise. MVA helps educators get past the stigma by providing resources that guarantee to spark students’ enthusiasm and imagination to work collaboratively and individually, and stay current with computer science. If you are looking for different resources to teach coding then try these MVA courses: Microsoft Kinect with Scratch, Microsoft Touch Develop or Microsoft Imagine to make the classroom engaging.


Use anywhere at any time. The learning components of each course or program have been developed to encourage students to complete additional learning independently. So whether students are in the classroom or at home Microsoft Virtual Academy courses can be accessed anywhere. Providing that has a Wi-Fi connection.


If your computer science department or school have tight budgets to keep to.  Then you won’t need to worry about Microsoft Virtual Academy eating into your budget as the Virtual Academy is completely free. The only requirement is that you have a Windows Live ID.

Get a Head Start

Motivate students to give themselves a head start in the work place. Many may not know what career path to follow. But having first-hand experience of professional software that employees of Microsoft use will help with the decision making. Through the MVA, students gain access to a range of programs like Windows, Visual Studio, Windows Store Apps Development, Windows Phone Development, SQL Server and Office 365. Students not only gain confidence is using these programs but a great looking CV.

Develop Key Life Skills

Lessons are no longer just about the subject but learning key skills for later in life. The design of MVA courses allows educators to introduce valuable workplace skills.  Skills like problem solving, creative thinking, collaboration and entrepreneurship. Microsoft also gives them and students access to industry experts.

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