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16 August, 2016

Believe it or not, a full year has elapsed since Microsoft released the latest instalment of its Office productivity suite. Office 2016 became available on OS X in July 2015, with Windows interfaces following suit two months later, but how has it changed the way office-based roles work?

Cloud connectivity

It didn’t take a genius to predict that Office 2016 was going to have cloud computing at its core, and sure enough, a nifty feature of Microsoft’s new suite is that it allows users to access cloud-based documents straight from their desktop. With the recent revelation from Cisco that cloud computing is enjoying an annual growth of nearly 50%, convenient access to cloud storage is something that Office 2016 simply could not have done without.

Collaboration the key

Developing the cloud focus further, Office 2016 seeks to make it much easier to share documents in a cloud-based workspace, allowing other users to alter documents should they wish or need to.

However, some commentators have expressed a view that Office 2016’s collaboration is not always seamless; in a PCWorld.com article, the site’s Senior Editor Mark Hachman noted that PowerPoint is where Office 2016 hits a sticky point. Hachman points out that, while the ‘Share’ facility allows other parties to easily access and make changes to a Word or Excel document, things are much clumsier with PowerPoint, where the sharer is less able to manage and restrict the changes other users can make.

Keeping your Office maintained

Microsoft has confirmed that mainstream support for Office 365 will come to an end in October 2020, with extended support concluding five years later. When new productivity suites and user interfaces come along, it’s sure to result in one or two teething problems for many businesses before they begin to see the benefits of the upgrade.

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