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21 March, 2016

An internet service provider (ISP) provides services that enable both individuals and businesses to access the internet. ISPs can be packaged in various ways, be they privately owned, non-profit, community-owned or, of course, commercial.

Internet services that ISPs provide include colocation, Usenet service, web hosting, domain name registration, Internet transit, and Internet access.

Here are just some of the more popular categories of ISPs:

Access providers

ISPs offer access to the web, utilising various technologies that enable users to connect to the network. Such technologies include fiber optics, wireless Ethernet, television cables, telephone lines, and modems that include acoustic couplers.

Hosting ISPs

Online hosting services feature web-based storage services, web hosting, and email. Cloud services and virtual server are also included.

Mailbox providers

Organisations that offer these services host email domains that come with storage access for mailboxes. It also provides an email service that enables the user to receive, compose, and store emails for users or organisations.

Virtual ISPs

This is a setup that buys services from other ISPs, sometimes referred to as wholesale ISPs, which enable customers to go access the web. It employs services and infrastructure owned and managed by the wholesale ISP.

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