The best features to consider for a VoIP business phone system

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19 July, 2017

A VoIP business phone system provides an abundance of features. As a customer, Best VoIP features for business phone systemsyou can select which features you would like. But with such a high number of options from which to choose, it isn’t easy to decide on your own. Here are some of the best features you may wish to opt for.

Document integration and smarter voicemail

A VoIP voicemail system is more intelligent than conventional voicemail. For example, such software as Google Voice is capable of transcribing voicemails to text so that you can view it as an SMS message or email.

These systems associate call data with specific conversations. You could send IP faxes or documents as attachments to the person with whom you were just speaking. All without needing to memorise their contact details.

Caller ID and Directory Services

As well as being presented with information on the caller, you have the option to dial using records, such as stored contacts. Some systems even have the ability to create records of contacts automatically when you dial people for the first time.

Multi-group calling features

You no longer need to be satisfied with calls comprising two or three people. A modern VoIP setup enables you to invite whole teams or departments into the call.

Smart Routing and Forwarding

Among the more popular features of a VoIP business phone system if that you don’t need to be close to your workstation or handset in order to benefit from it. Many such systems are capable of forwarding calls to a mobile device, essentially enabling you to access the office on the go.

At Ten Ten Systems, we work with our clients to provide a business VoIP systems best suited to their needs. With the aim of improving communication within the workplace and within the business itself.  If you have any questions about VoIP or any of our other services, then please contact us here.

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