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5 November, 2015

With the technology available today, it’s wise to make the most of it in your business. Your iPad or iPhone can assist you in note taking, balancing the books and updating your calendar. Here is a selection of the best business apps you may find useful:


You no longer need to take notes on paper when an iPad or iPhone is readily available. Evernote stores your notes on the cloud, which means that you can access them from anywhere. You can manually enter your notes or dictate them, as well as insert photos.


Freshbooks is a feature-rich mobile accounting app with a user friendly interface and cloud integration. It also allows you to record, as well as track, business expenses and profits. Its additional functionality includes a feature that tracks how long you or your staff have spent on a project, which makes generating invoices easier. Of course, it can also help you to file your taxes.


A videoconferencing app which features a number of useful options for business owners. It allows you to hold virtual meetings that can host 25 attendees connecting from almost any device connected to the web. Other features include speaker identification, which lets you know who is speaking in high-attendance meetings. You can also share your screen, which is a great feature for remote presentations.

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