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18 June, 2018

Running a business is more than just a full time job. Luckily, we have compiled the 6 best small business apps to help you manage everything.


Need to track your employees’ movements? Want to know how much time they actually spend at work? This app could help you. TSheets is a clock in, clock out system that you can use on your mobile device – even in areas with no coverage. Managers can clock in team members individually or all at once, and see who is on the clock and where they are working. Furthermore, they can create, edit and publish scheduled jobs or shifts, as well as automate time sheet alerts. These is also an option to track paid time off, sick days, and holidays.


Getting customer or employee feedback is crucial no matter how big your organisation is. SurveyMonkey allows users to both create and participate in online surveys, which saves you time, paper, and energy. You can create, send, and analyse polls directly from your iOS and Android devices.


Social media influencers are commonplace in today’s business marketing strategies. Influencers can help your business to reach target markets and boost sales, and so they are definitely worth investing in. Sprout Social allows you to identify influencers, ideal moments for customer engagement, as well as the date that underpins it all. This revolutionary management and analytics tool is one of the best on the market. The iOS and Android apps mean that you can access the the tools without sacrificing any functionality.


Deputy is a great HR employee scheduling and shift planning system. With Deputy, you can make group announcements, integrate with QuickBooks and ADP, and make sure you have the right members of staff on board at all times.


Need an enriched video conferencing for your phone? Sometimes, a free consumer app just doesn’t cut the mustard. ClickMeeting’s Android, Apple, and BlackBerry apps let you schedule meetings, stream audio and video, share your screen, and record your events all from a smartphone. This compact and versatile tool is sure to become one of your business essentials.


Meetings can often run over, achieve barely anything, and generally waste time if they are not managed properly. However, WorkLife aims to streamline your meetings and allow for all the information and talking points to be captured in one place. With this handy tool, you can create meetings, record discussions, create action points, and take notes of open issues. You can also take group notes, which makes large group conferences a breeze.

(Source: Comms Business Magazine | May 2018)

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