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What are security updates and why are they important?
18 August, 2017
The software used in your business should be subject to regular maintenance to avoid costly IT downtime.  A critical aspect...
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Microsoft makes deal with Canberra Data Centres
16 August, 2017
Software giant Microsoft will be opening two new data centre regions down under at Canberra Data Centres (CDC). In order...
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School hopes Apple devices will spell the end of lockers
11 August, 2017
An American school headteacher has cited lighter backpacks and the need for fewer lockers as key reasons for making Apple...
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What makes for a responsible disaster recovery plan?
2 August, 2017
Not all disaster recovery plans are the same, but it is important when planning for such an event to recognise...
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Minister proposes ICT training in schools
28 July, 2017
ParOne country recognising the need to improve its ICT training is South Africa, whose minister Jeff Radebe recently highlighted theneed...
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Is your stored data GDPR compliant?
27 July, 2017
It is now less than a year until the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) movesout of its transitional phase...
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The best features to consider for a VoIP business phone system
19 July, 2017
A VoIP business phone system provides an abundance of features. As a customer, you can select which features you would...
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Public cloud investment to maintain growth
13 July, 2017
Public cloud investment this year has resulted in it becoming IT deployment's fastest growing market segment. This is the verdict...
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ICT needs better implementation in education, says Nokia boss
4 July, 2017
There are various ways of combating unemployment among today's youth. Which includes adapting learning to the market and helping students...
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