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ICT needs better implementation in education, says Nokia boss
4 July, 2017
There are various ways of combating unemployment among today's youth. Which includes adapting learning to the market and helping students...
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Three reasons for increased IT security in 2017
30 June, 2017
The internet is arguably the most popular development of the last half a century, but this doesn’t mean that downsides...
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Can Microsoft win back the classroom?
21 June, 2017
Many of today's business owners will recall that their experience of IT in school revolved almost entirely around Microsoft. Meanwhile,...
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Three network security approaches for online payments
19 June, 2017
Network security has proved to be a challenging aspect of the modern workplace. Also, increasingly critical with the demand of...
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WannaCry ransomware: make sure your systems are safe
12 June, 2017
Threats, like that of Wannacry ransomware, are on the increase. Many lack the knowledge how to protect against these attacks....
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New study shows CIOs getting their heads in the cloud
5 June, 2017
Many businesses are considering the cloud. Recently the end-to-end technology provider Trustmarque surveyed IT bosses and CIOs about the cloud. Over...
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Guernsey plays host to first Google education summit in British Isles
31 May, 2017
Tech experts from across the world made their way to Les Beaucamps High School this month for the Google Education Summit,...
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Impressive revenue growth for SIP trunking and VoIP
24 May, 2017
The advantages of SIP trunking and VoIP access services are resulting in enterprise customers making a shift to IP-based networks,...
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Office relocation – more than just moving furniture
23 May, 2017
Today, one of the most complex processes needed to relocate your office, or company’s offices, is installing the IT infrastructure....
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