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26 April, 2017

We live in a world where technology is playing an increasingly large role in our lives. It goes without saying that our education system should follow suit.

A 2015 report by OECD showed that Australia and New Zealand were the only countries with a greater computer-to-pupils ratio in their classrooms than the UK. A House of Lords report in March even called for mandatory lessons in online responsibility across all UK schools.

However, schools do not appear to be struggling to rear computer-savvy children. Perhaps one of the greatest challenges they now face is classroom size.

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers reports that more than half of teachers have seen classroom sizes grow significantly over the past two months. This is mainly due to population growth and stretched school funding. However, with these facts come challenges in terms of ensuring that all pupils are catered to, and that teachers are not overworked.

Can technology help to overcome these issues?

The Key to Classroom Management Technology

Statistics from 1999 show that the computer to student ratio was around 1 computer per 11 students. Today, that ratio is close to 1:1, with tablets and laptops also contributing to this. However, there is still an expectation for teachers to monitor pupils’ online behaviour in the same way as back then.

A growing number of schools are therefore installing classroom management software. This allows teachers to control classes and ensure online safety by accessing multiple devices via one screen. Software like Impero Education Pro is especially useful for this. Impero helps teachers with large classes to monitor every student’s screen efficiently.

Guided by Google

A recent Telegraph article suggests that increasing admin work has left some teachers feeling as though they spend less time actually teaching. Google has provided a valuable solution to this problem for many schools.

Google Classroom is a free application by Google, made to make teaching easier. It contains many productivity tools for teaching staff to speed up their operations. These include Google Docs, Excel, Word, and more. You can even use Google Classroom to both give out and collect homework from students using Google Drive. This could help you to save money by reducing paper costs, as well as lowering admin fees.

Classroom and Education Pro are two examples of software that can improve your teaching experience. To learn more about either of these products, along with our other education ICT solutions, contact us today.

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