China and US top data centre locations, says analyst

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15 October, 2015

A Synergy Research note has provided some insight into the countries that use data centres more than others, and China and the US currently rank at the top of that list.

Online data centres and the cloud were used in the US more than in any other country in Q2 of this year. After evaluating data centre usage in 13 major online service and cloud firms, 44 per cent of data centres were in America. China ranked in second place at 10 per cent. Singapore, Japan, and Australia were all at 5 per cent, with the Netherlands and Germany at 4 per cent.

Synergy said that the findings are a result of two trends: China’s unique proposition for its ecosystem, and the US’s dominant market. Companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon have data centres located in China.

Chief analyst for Synergy, John Dinsdale, said:

“While the hyperscale cloud operators continue to invest huge amounts in their data centre footprints and to expand their geographic scope, there is no doubt that the US and China will continue to be the lead countries for locating major data centres.”

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