Cloud to become primary delivery model by 2030

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16 June, 2016

It has been estimated that cloud computing will have an even bigger effect on tomorrow’s technology management and IT.

A report from the forecasting and advisory services organisation Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) said that, even at this point, the cloud has already made a significant mark in the IT industry. The report credits the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive for changing how digital content is used today. Another study suggests that although cloud computing is still somewhat in its infancy, it has changed how IT provides value to various clients. Over two in three enterprises use cloud computing in some form, and most of them are in agreement when it comes to the cloud’s potential to become the primary computing delivery model by the year 2030.

Cloud computing has this potential because of the rich experience that it offers that allow customers to purchase cloud services independently of the IT department. This does mean, however, that enterprises need to take great care when it comes to the user experience.

Every enterprise uses the cloud in some form: server automation, cloud performance optimisation, data provisioning, cloud management services, system performance monitoring, or virtualisation.

At Ten Ten Systems, we work with our clients to ensure that they are using the cloud at a level that is manageable within their means. We help those clients to optimise their workflow as well as maximise the value they are providing to their customers. The cloud can have a significant impact on businesses if they work with a provider who can help them to use it in the right way.

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