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21 August, 2015

A new Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report asserts that, with an advance in cloud usage, collaboration has overtaken business mobility as the top benefit.

The study, which was sponsored by Verizon Enterprise Solutions, saw 450 people contribute to it. It was revealed that 84% of those who responded agreed that their company’s cloud computing usage has risen within the last 12 months. Further to this, 72% said that their cloud usage gave them more collaboration choices, while 71% asserted that they had witnessed a rise in business mobility. The core value of cloud is speed rather than cost efficiency, which allows for more business interaction between what are typically completely separate departments.

Security is also an issue when it comes to cloud computing, with 29% of respondents naming it as their main quality when it comes to assessing cloud providers.

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Verizon Enterprise’s global SVP cloud, Siki Giunta, said that, although it was once the case, security is not a hurdle to adoption, stating:

“Cloud is no longer on the fringes of enterprise IT – but as it matures, there are new obstacles to be faced.

“Only now the challenges aren’t about gaining acceptance, but about how to get more from cloud to keep driving growth and profitability.”

Cloud computing has numerous advantages for businesses in the UK and Ten Ten Systems enables those very businesses to take advantage of the technology. Our heightened security features address the concerns of those businesses looking at their cloud computing options.

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