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3 August, 2019

Today, your website is just as much the face of your business as the boss is, and therefore it needs to reflect who your company is. If you haven’t got any or considering website security, then here are 6 reasons why you should be using ours.

6 Great Reasons for considering Website Security

Considering Website Security

1. Advanced Security Monitoring

Do you know what the regular activities on your website are? Through our Advanced Security Monitoring you get to know your website activities inside out. Which also means we do too. So, when something out of the ordinary arises we can take the necessary action to fix the problem.

2. Website Security Experts

For most of us, we don’t really know all about the different types of threats to websites, or how they work. Being a business owner, of course can be stressful. We know that having access to Website Security Solution Experts can make life less stressful. Our expert knowledge means that we can provide great advice and help prevent potential attacks.

3. Blacklist Monitoring

Google’s blacklist is something no company wants to be on. Not only does it affect your rankings, but it also damages your reputation. As part of our website security solution we provide Google Blacklist Monitoring. We will find out the reasons why it happened, resolve it and get your website removed from the list before you are even aware of it.

4. Malware Removal & Hack Repair

Keep your website in tip-top condition with regular malware removal and hack repair. Just because one hacker attempts an attack doesn’t mean that others won’t try and find other weaknesses.

5. Webpage Protection

As your business grows, there is the potential for the number of pages on your website to grow to, and these will need protecting. Malware doesn’t care about the size or how many pages your website has. A webpage is simply a target. Which is why we offer protection that is flexible and allows for the growth of your website.

Last but not least.

6. Considering website security

Whether we host your website or not isn’t an issue, what is, is the safety of your website. Secure your website with us, it’s that simple.

How to get our Website Security Solution

If any of the above reasons have given cause for concern about your current or lack of a website security solution. Then call our experts today, they can provide you with recommendations and cost effective solutions to help you keep malware and hackers out.

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