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4 September, 2019

Keeping your business safe is never easy and with Cyber criminals looking to make a quick buck or two you need to remain vigilant. So how do you achieve cyber security heaven?

7 Steps to Cyber Security Heaven

In order to protect your business against the majority of cyber threats we recommend that you take the below steps.

cyber security heaven - stairway with cyber shield at the top

1. Network Security

Protect your networks against external and internal attacks through consistent management of your network perimeter. Keep out those who don’t have authorised access and filter out malicious content. As well as regularly monitor and test your security controls.

2. Malware Prevention

Firstly, ensure you have a Cyber Security policy in place. Secondly, establish good cyber hygiene behaviours from your staff through regular training. Third and finally, review and strengthen your anti malware defences to ensure they are relevant to your business needs.

3. Monitoring

To begin with you should have a monitoring strategy in place which has supporting policies. It goes without saying that you should continuously monitor all your ICT systems and networks. By doing this you become familiar with regular activities. Furthermore, analysing your security logs to will enable you notice activity that could indicate an attack.

4. Incident Management

Establish a monitoring strategy along with supporting policies to ensure that you resolve incidents quickly to minimise any potential downtime. By continuously monitoring your ICT systems you will be able to spot any usual activity that could be the work of a cyber-criminal.

5. User Education and awareness

Produce user security policies, include what is acceptable and a secure use of the organisations systems. You should also ensure that you have a staff training program. in place. As this will help to maintain cyber awareness of users. Finally, you should include regular training sessions or staff emails about any new threats and how they can vigilant.

6. Secure configuration

Keep your ICT system secure by the introduction of a system inventory and baseline build for all ICT devices. Keep the configuration of all your ICT systems secure by applying security patches when they are available.

7. Reaching Cyber Security Heaven (and peace of mind)

As a Cyber Essentials certified company we have the knowhow and experience to not only identify but also rectify any security gaps you may have. We can give you advice on how best to keep your systems secure with our range of Cyber Security Solutions. Our highly qualified engineers will take the stress out of the implementation of the solution(s) for you. Not only that but they will provide you with ongoing support and monitoring to make sure that your solution remains secure. Take that final step to reaching cyber security heaven and contact our experts today.

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