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19 May, 2017

Arguably the biggest UK news story of the last week was the ransomware attack on the NHS. It serves as a reminder that no company or organisation is immune to the threat of cyber attacks.

Does Size Matter with Cyberattacks?

cyberattacks wannacryA popular misconception among small business owners is they are too small and insignificant for a hacker to target. A recent cyber security conference in Malta offered a timely reminder that small companies remain the most vulnerable.

Maco Preuss, Kaspersky’s Lab Research & Analysis team director, said at the Malta conference that the firm had stopped over 80,000 Android ransomware threats during last year’s second quarter. Across all devices and platforms, Kaspersky has observed ransomware attacks increase by 450% from 2014/2015 to 2015/2016.

The firm’s IT Security Risks survey revealed that more than 40% of SMEs were affected by ransomware within the past year. Some 34% of those firms gave the hackers what they wanted in order to regain their data. Statistics show that paying hackers to regain data can be not only expensive, but also ineffective. Worryingly, 20% were unable to access their data, even after they had paid the ransom.

Safeguarding against cyberattacks

Regardless of the size of the organisation, preventative steps can, and should, be put in place. The first step in cyber security is to recognise that prevention is always better than cure. It therefore remains vital to have a recovery plan in place, should the worst happen.

Here at Ten Ten Systems, our solutions to help prevent cyberattacks range from data backup, to cloud computing. We design disaster recovery plans to the requirements of SMEs. This ensures that they are in a position to regain their data in the event of a ransomware disaster.

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