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30 August, 2015

Technology firm IBM and supply chain company JDA Software are making a joint product available to retailers. The fulfillment tool combines IBM Commerce’s management solutions and the Labour Productivity and Intelligent Fulfillment solutions from JDA. It was unveiled in Barcelona at the 2014 JDA Focus Connect event.

A statement released from both companies said that any business can use the tool when processing real-time orders across multiple sales channels.

Department store Debenhams is among the UK’s first retailers considering purchasing the product from the two companies, which Debenhams operations director, Peter Swann, feels that they could benefit form the integrated solutions. He said:

“As omnichannel retailing continues to advance, we believe that integration between physical and digital channels is vital, as is tighter integration between eCommerce, order management and all elements within the supply chain.

“This will be key to driving better customer service through increased responsiveness and at the same time, improve business efficiency.”

JDA said that its new solutions are able to improve procedures around click and collect, reduce return costs, and improve inventory management.

Technology continues to make life easier for both individuals and companies. When it’s used to improve corporate processes, however, everybody wins; the company increases productivity and the customer received a more efficient service. One of the more popular technologies used among businesses in recent years is cloud computing. At Ten Ten Systems, we offer cloud computing and a wide range of vendor products to any business looking to improve their process and increase profits.

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