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26 January, 2016

Dell is expanding its  network (SDN) offering with an operating system developed to provide more capability and options.

Dell Networking is expanding its open networking play with its most recent operating system (SDN), known as OS10. The tech giant claims that it will enable users to benefit from more flexibility and efficiency when creating paths across networks.

Dell said that the system, which remains unchanged and is Linux-based, would unburden users from supplier-specific and super integrated stacks, providing them with improved programmability and flexibility in larger data centre networks.

It will take advantage of the Open Computer Project’s Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI); this enables physical switches and supplier network OS’s to talk in the same language, allowing customers to programme switches with improved detail.

This newest version, OS10, will further support standard network functions, including Dell’s Layers 2 to 3 protocols, in addition to third-party open source and native Linux apps.

Tom Burns, general manager and vice president of Dell Networking, was quoted in Computer Weekly:

“Software-defined datacentres require a fresh approach to operations, not just for the network but across compute and storage elements as well.

“OS10 gives customers a future-ready springboard to innovate their networks and datacentre infrastructure more quickly and consistently, affording greater efficiency and capability at scale.”

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