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17 November, 2016

There are a number of common scenarios that businesses do not consider as part chalk board scribbles with common scenarios for diaster recoveryof Disaster recovery. Disaster recovery (DR) was once upon a time all about backing up tapes. Of course, that’s no longer the case. Downtime for a business dependent upon IT can cost a fortune. However, the advent of cloud computing has resulted in far more cost-effective options that also reduce recovery time.

The Common Scenarios

Here are the most common scenarios for disaster recovery using the cloud.

Data Backup: The most basic cloud-based DR has similarities with old-fashioned tape backup. This ensures the data on a file server is either accessed or restored from the cloud provider data centre.

Data and Application Failover: This is typically achieved through IaaS providers, including DataPipe, although there are further high-availability third-party solutions available. An additional deployment of the app runs in the cloud, and the cloud provider receives a copy of the data.

VM Backup:
a scenario that replicates virtual machine images to the cloud. Which utilises VM backup with a non-virtualised primary deployment. An advantage is that the hardware doesn’t need to match. Further, it isn’t necessary to manage and track updates as carefully on both ends.

In each scenarios, it’s important to recognise the capabilities and features of the IaaS or DR provider. Furthermore, the cost, security, latency, bandwidth, and distance need considering. Backing up tapes may not be a fashionable solution. But a slow connection can feel just like the same as old technology.

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