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27 December, 2016

Data protection is experiencing major changes, with organisations re-evaluating how to simplify backup ITinfrastructure, control unexpected outage charges, and mitigate cyber security challenges.

Arcserve, LLC, the very first provider of unified data protection for physical, virtual, and cloud environments, has made a number of data backup predictions and looked at their possible influence in 2017. One such prediction was the rise of Disaster recovery as a Service (DraaS).

While IT infrastructure continues to be dominated by virtualisation, an increasing number of organisations will integrate a cloud component to their disk or tape-based disaster recovery practices. Technology advancements have led to more cost-effective higher bandwidth speeds and cloud storage, leading to IT leaders migrating from on-site disaster recovery to a hybrid infrastructure, featuring service and physical-based offerings, such as DraaS. Service providers and IT resellers will offer a speciality cloud service to boost margins and meet increasing customer demands.

Arcserve Product Marketing Vice President, Christophe Bertrand, said:

“We’re experiencing a new reality in data protection as organisations struggle with aggressive data growth and increased risk. More midsize businesses are adopting enterprise-level RPOs, yet their IT teams typically have less resources and personnel. As a result, the market is moving towards consolidation with a service-based approach.”

At Ten Ten Systems, we provide data backup and disaster recovery solutions to businesses looking to take advantage of technology that ensures their data remains safe and sound. There are a thousand reasons why data could be lost and the results couple be catastrophic, which is why we strongly recommend that you consider backing up your data in 2017.

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