Google Classroom & Apps

Badge-GCE-Level1At Ten Ten Systems we have Google Certified engineers that can provide your establishment with a wealth of expertise, advice and guidance on using Google Apps such as Drive, Docs, Sheets and Classroom, to engage with students whenever, wherever, on any device.

Using Google allows you to create a solution that is built for teachers and students with over 50 million Google Apps for education in order to enhance the learning experience by creating paperless assignments, staying organised and gaining feedback from your students.

With the use of Google Apps collaboration is easy so that students can work on the same document at the same time from anywhere making group projects easy to organise with all of the work being stored in the cloud and the ability to work on any device.

Our engineers are constantly being trained and certified to ensure we can advise you how to best overcome the challenges in the Education sector. Our engineers also pass the exams designed for Teachers to ensure we fully understand the perspective of your Teaching Staff and how Google for Education can exceed their expectations.