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5 January, 2016

Technology firms, Google included, recently joined forces at the Email Privacy Act hearing, which says that US government bodies need to acquire a warrant to access customer emails.

The tech firms made the argument that installing measures to prevent government bodies accessing personal email content is an important factor in preserving the bright future of an internet age.

Currently, under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), law enforcement bodies can acquire email content from an internet provider without a warrant if the email has been stored for over 180 days.

However, in 2010, a court gave a ruling that the legalisation is a violation of the Fourth Amendment in the US, which gives a person a right to security of their papers among other things, without being subject to warrants.

Google director for information security and law enforcement, Richard Salgado, said:

“Users expect, as they should, that the documents they store online have the same 4th Amendment protections as they do when the government wants to enter the home to seize documents stored in a desk drawer. There is no compelling policy or legal rationale for there to be different rules.”

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