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3 July, 2015

On the 14th July, more than half of UK companies will potentially be facing problems once Windows Server 2003 comes to an end.

According to recent estimates, around 66% of British businesses were still operating on Windows Server 2003 in March this year, risking missing the deadline for ‘end of life’. Once Microsoft withdraws support for the operating system, network security could be compromised, causing untold problems for companies.

However, another study also discovered that more than a third of enterprises with plans to eventually upgrade would fail to meet the deadline. A senior analyst at Forbes, Joe McKendrick, clarified in a post published on Microsoft’s blog for SMB that:

“The software and underlying hardware in Windows Server 2003 was not designed to run or effectively integrate with today’s generation of applications, or to support greater mobility and cloud access.”

The problem appears to be the owners and directors of companies rather than IT specialists, who realise that action needs to be taken sooner rather than later. It was stated that some business managers may believe that there is no requirement to invest in a system upgrade until the existing one has ended.

According to experts, it could take an average of 200 days to migrate to Server 2012, so it is advisable to begin as soon as possible. Server 2012 reportedly has a number of features that businesses may benefit from, including improved security, better performance and ongoing support. Here at Ten Ten Systems, we know that proactive support is needed to help firms deal with the Windows Server 2003 end of life.

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