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11 June, 2016

The modern business network comprises a number of remote access Enterprise security and network infrastructureconnections not only from only staff, but also outsourcing companies. And with this, the possibility for security risks increases. Furthermore, the enterprise security risks that are typically ignored, are those that are inherent in such outside connections.

It’s just as well, therefore, that there have been numerous improvements made in enhancing security in the modern network infrastructure. Much of the focus has been on users’ external network access, as well as monitoring access end. Both of these are crucial for companies in protecting digital assets.

Your network infrastructure

A network infrastructure is a combination of hardware and software that enables an enterprise to operate. Ensuring that the relevant hardware and software for your IT infrastructure is installed is an integral part of having the very best security protection available. A mistake that many firms make is to install third-party software. And believe that that is all they need to do. However, that isn’t sufficient to combat modern network threats. Today’s threats are diverse. They include worms, trojans, viruses, spyware, the usual spam. Furthermore the fact a hacker could target your servers, is still a possibility. Your network infrastructure needs to withstand any type of cyber attack.

Getting the right security solution for your enterprise

A sufficient enterprise security solution for your business will protect your network against threats from worms, spyware and the like. Often a software program will be the only line of defence in place. As a result network administrators spend too much time at the network’s perimeter fixing issues. Much of this time is manually combating attacks before then manually patching the breach.

How can I secure my network?

There are lots of ways to secure your network. A combination of hardware, software and best practices can minimise risk. It only takes one employee on your network to execute a virus and affect the entire company and stop your business.

Here are six ways to secure your network:

  1. Get at firewall – A hacker will be on the look out for vulnerabilities such as open ports. To keep your ports safe use a network firewall as the first line of defense.
  2. Password practices –  As simple as this sounds, it is common for businesses to keep the default username and password. Therefore, always make sure you change them to a secure password that includes letters, numbers and symbols wherever possible.
  3. Keep your Router Firmware updated – The development of firmware is ongoing to protect against new threats. Make sure you have the latest versions of your firmware installed.
  4. Scan your network regularly – Check your network security regularly to reduce the risk of a cyber attack.
  5. Install antivirus software – First of all choose a reputational antivirus product.  Always, take the time to read reviews from the experts. And, secondly update daily.
  6. Back up your data – While preventing an attack is important, so is backing up your data. Backing up your data to cloud daily means that your are not only prepared for a cyber attack but also for a fire or flood.
How we can help secure your network

At Ten Ten Systems, we spend time with our clients, evaluating their current security set up. As a result we are able to identify where the holes are before making a recommendation. From software and hardware firewalls, content filtering, malware and spyware protection, to antispam and antivirus software. We can create bespoke solutions to match the needs of our clients.

To get a bespoke IT solution for your enterprise, why not call us or visit us at our Chester office.

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