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27 June, 2015

The replacement legislation for the outdated 1995 EU regulation on data protection has been in the pipeline for a while. But all 28 member states have now agreed to the framework that will shape this legal change.

What the does the new data protection legislation mean?

The finalisation of the new data protection agreement is due by the end of 2015. This new agreement will see pan-European collaboration on the issue. At the moment, each individual country have laws that governed them. With a watchdog to monitor and handle the market.

Once ratified, the amended legislation is expected to result in tighter restrictions on data control and privacy. Whilst many people will welcome tighter security over the handling of sensitive information. There are some who are concerned about how this will affect cloud computing.

One of the areas of the agreement seeks to include a new clause. That would allow users the powers of litigation against providers of cloud storage for processing data. Tech giants Amazon and IBM have warned that this section, in its current framework, could destroy the cloud computing industry in Europe.

While the way we collect, process and store date on the continent are lag behind. There are claims that the provision of a single digital market must not come at the cost of crippling the technology sector.

Cyber security is at the heart of the move towards a common data standard. With further negotiations taking place over the next six months.

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