Explosive cloud growth set to continue in Africa

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6 March, 2016

A recent Cisco Systems report suggests that storage infrastructure and cloud computing is seeing a 33% growth rate across the globe. The Cisco Cloud Index is published annually and predicts worldwide trends in computing and cloud storage.

The latest report estimates that between now and 2021, the Middle East and Africa will experience more rapid cloud growth than any other region. Cloud infrastructure in Africa, according to the report, will grow at 42%, a figure that far outweighs that of the worldwide average.

A high number of online users in the Middle East and Africa are connecting to the web through a mobile device as opposed to a fixed-point connection. This could be one of the reasons why the cloud is experiencing such impressive growth. The report suggests that this is a trend set to continue and that fixed connections will see little growth between 2014 and 2019, with mobile access expected to more than double.

One of South Africa’s largest cloud companies, Afrihost, said:

“More and more businesses are taking their data and communication needs to the cloud as they feel more confident about the savings, security and flexibility offered by the cloud, as opposed to traditional local server solutions.”

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