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6 July, 2015

Some charities and non-profit organisations may qualify for free or heavily discounted subscriptions for Office 365, according to the Microsoft website.

For a legitimate charitable organisation, Microsoft is offering free subscriptions for two of its plans, and a large discount on two others. The free subscriptions include Office 365 Nonprofit Business Essentials and Office 365 Nonprofit E1. Two others are available for a small fee: Office 365 Nonprofit Business Premium and Office 365 Nonprofit E3. As email is a crucial tool for most charities and nonprofit organisations, this could be a valuable gift from technology giant.

According to the official website for the corporation, applicants must fulfill specific criteria to be eligible to apply for the plans, which all include email as standard. A charity has to be recognised as a legitimate organisation, in order for it to be eligible. Microsoft insists that the nonprofit has to function for the benefit of the local community, like the advancement of education, helping the poor and the promotion of human rights.

Some of the organisations and charities which are not eligible include health care organisations, individuals and government organisations. Some healthcare groups however, are eligible to receive the free subscriptions, which includes health clinics for women, emergency services and hospices. Before applying for a subscription, it may be worthwhile considering which plan may be more beneficial, which is something that the team here at Ten Ten Systems can help you with.

Microsoft has a number of eligibility criteria to comply with to take advantage of its IT services, but the offer of a free or discounted subscription from them, is a positive step for many nonprofit organisations.

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