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21 June, 2015

The UK’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) is warning people to be cautious about a fresh email campaign that appears to originate from the Royal Mail.

The messages contain links that trick recipients into downloading a variety of ransomware known as CryptoLocker. The emails claim that the Royal Mail has received an item and that the recipient must respond in order to arrange for it to be collected or redelivered.

At present there are two variations of the email, but both contain links that, when clicked, direct the victim to a website similar to the Royal Mail’s. Once online, the recipient is asked to enter the code provided on their email and then to download an application, which installs the ransomware.

CryptoLocker encrypts users’ files and a ransom request is made to decrypt them.

The NFIB maintained that it is essential for businesses to make their employees aware of the dangers of opening email attachments and downloading applications on company devices. It was added that educating staff as to the dangers and keeping them informed of alerts can help to prevent network security breaches.

The anti-crime agency advised that employees should never open attachments from emails that are from an unexpected or unknown recipient, look closely at the email address to spot any slight irregularities, especially from supposedly trusted sources, and see if the message has been specifically addressed to them or is too generic.

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