Futuristic Learning in Education

Myddelton College is situated in Denbigh, North Wales, and is forerunner in the use of technology in the classroom. In the Spring 2018 edition of The Guide to Independent Schools magazine, their article ‘Futuristic Learning’ looks into the benefits of 21st Century Learning at the college. Headteacher, Mark Roberts explains how the school’s decision to go paper-less will prepare children for the digital world.

Futuristic Learning

Here at Myddelton College, we embrace technology in the classroom by allowing pupils to work on tablets, using stylus pens. The school has done away with all but one of its printers, switching to mobile and cloud technology to underpin learning. And instead of using handouts, our teachers upload work online and can even mark “live” in real time while pupils watch. Students can also log in to OneNote the day before a lesson to see plans and materials in advance.

By making the switch, we estimate we will save around £100, 000 a year on paper, pen and printing. Which goes a long way towards off-setting the £150, 000 set up cost of a paper-free environment.

As a Microsoft Showcase School – the first of its kind in North Wales and one of only 34 in the UK – we benefit from 5GHz wireless technology, and will soon have high-speed internet 100/200MB line.

To see the full article please click here and read pages 46 -47.

How create futuristic learning environment

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To learn more about how Myddelton College became a 21st Century school click here.

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