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24 June, 2015

Internet giant Google will be descending on the UK’s capital later this week in the latest of its global events to market Google Cloud.

The American company has set its sights on the newest trend in computer technology, cloud computing, and has declared its intention to become the market leader. The flexibility and cost efficiencies offered by cloud computing means accessing an exponential customer base, and it’s predicted that by 2018 an estimated $127bn (£80.6bn) will be spent on public cloud computing.

At the moment, it is Amazon that is leading the field, and this area of its business is being predicted to bring it over $1bn (£634m) in profit for 2015 alone.

It is not hard to see the fiscal and logistical drivers behind cloud computing, with small and large businesses alike benefitting from data storage and hosting, without the capital outlay and maintenance costs associated with running these services in house. Using a cloud-based network can save money on in-house IT and energy costs, increase productivity of remote workers, and can be an important part of an organisation’s disaster recovery plans.

Whilst Google will be focused on delivering customer testimonials during the Google Next event in London on the 25th, there are many companies that can deliver the benefits of cloud computing and the key to selecting the right provider has many factors, including performance, security and flexibility.

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