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4 May, 2016

The CIO of Health Network Laboratories said that the firm has borrowed from ‘Noah’s Ark’ when it comes to the subject of disaster recovery.

The company provides laboratory diagnostic testing services to health systems, such as doctors and hospitals. Many diagnostic decisions are based on results that comes from its lab drive, so reliable and swift access to data is important.

Harvey Guindi, CIO, decided last year to invest in connectivity, servers and storage to promote continuity. He said:

“I jokingly call it a Noah’s Ark implementation because we said, ‘Give us two of everything’. We literally have an exact mirror image of solutions at our primary data center and our DR site. That gives us true, end-to-end, seamless business continuity. It’s not a project you get to do very often.”

The double-up approach for Health Network Labs includes pairs of C240 rack servers, blade servers and Cisco Nexus switches. These products are located in data centres based 15 miles from each other in Pennsylvania.

Guindi said that the company has the ability run anything from its primary data centre. For a number of projects, he added, they are load balancing between the two sites.

At Ten Ten Systems, we advise businesses to take an active stance on disaster recovery and ensure that they are prepared in the event of lost data. Our staff are trained in the latest methods of data recovery. We also help our clients with making backups to make the transition back to normality as smooth as possible.

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