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18 December, 2015

With smart phones, tablets, and other devices now commonplace, it is essential that your school website is mobile-friendly in order to be more accessible by visitors. Here are a few ways in which to achieve this:

Maintain simplicity
When visitors look at your mobile website, they should not see your content all jumbled up. The content should take the mobile display screen into account so that it is easy to read. Long-winded text, which is often seen on a desktop computer, can lead to lack of interest on a mobile phone. Even in cases where content needs to be extended across multiple pages, it should have a clear distinction to show separation. Each page should show just one complete message on the topic.

A light layout
Too much design or bulky layouts can slow the load time of your pages, as well as hinder a pleasurable reading experience. Small icons can be a good alternative to images. Don’t use too much colour.

Make it adjustable
Various reading options need to be provided to ensure that the visitor can view your school mobile website, easily. This would make the viewing experience more user-friendly for the various screen settings and modes available.

At Ten Ten Systems, we provide mobile-friendly websites, or will make your existing school website mobile-friendly, in order to enhance your visitor’s experience. We also provide education ICT services to enable information to flow freely throughout your institution.

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