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24 October, 2015

Whenever Apple makes an announcement, it seems to generate much debate and interest. The tech giant has a tendency to keep their announcements under wraps, which creates much speculation in the process. In their last event, the vast amount of rumours turned out to be largely accurate. Let’s remind ourselves of some of the releases, which included 3D touch and the iPad Pro.

3D Touch has improved the design of applications through changes to drop down menus. Companies have been trying for years to use the kind of detail that we have become accustomed to on the web. With mobile lending itself to simplicity, it has always been difficult to implement deep navigation. 3D Touch enables the user to push down harder to unlock new options. Further, as well as featuring touch gestures such as Pinch, Swipe, and Tap, the tech introduced Pop and Peek, which allows developers to integrate greater options to apps without being too complex.

The iPad Pro breathed new life into conversations circling within corporations. Apple owns a large slice of the enterprise tablet market but prior to this release, the market was going through a downturn. The iPad Pro makes available a premium product that is attractive to both the consumer and enterprise markets. The triple or split screen is engaging in work-based situations where workflow data from more than one app can be viewed on a single screen. The tablet is equally impressive when displaying magazines and videos.

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