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29 February, 2016

managed-printManaged print enables schools to be more in control when it comes to both soft and hard printing costs, and it achieves this by allowing the user to cut down on how many pages they print, in addition to monitoring their fleet of document production.

By reducing printing management for administrators, teachers and principals, managed print allows them to concentrate on what they should be doing and manage their own, more relevant, asks. It can reduce costs while at the same time, improving efficiency and user satisfaction.

As is the case with the majority of businesses, print in schools has grown organically. What this essentially means is that there has been a lack of strategy when it comes to buying such devices as copiers and printers. As a consequence, most schools buy from various brands and service suppliers.

Managing an entire fleet of copiers and printers from various brands is difficult to manage, besides being far costlier and much less environmentally friendly than working with managed printing.

The education sector is subject to budgets, which often leads to delays in exploring the latest in new technology. The high costs associated with a non-managed print environment can take up a sizeable chunk of budget restrictions.

At Ten Ten Systems, we work to not only improve technology efficiency in schools, but also to work within their budget. That is why we offer, among our education ICT services, a managed print solution. In fact, as a Gold Partner of award-winning OKI Printing Solutions, we provide customised print management to both schools and SMEs.

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