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16 August, 2017

Software giant Microsoft will be opening two new data centre regions down New Microsoft Data Centre Canberraunder at Canberra Data Centres (CDC). In order to provide Australian governments with Microsoft Azure access as of the start of next year.

Furthermore, CDC had been working on developing its private and confidential base in advance. The base enables Microsoft to provide its services within CDC. Furthermore the tech giant able to benefit from the preinstalled features that adhere to government regulations in Australia.

Canberra Data Centres and Microsoft – the possibilities

James Kavanagh, Microsoft Azure’s Engineering Lead for Australia, spoke to ZDNet prior to the launch. When he said that both regions will prioritise the government’s needs, along with their suppliers. They will also be compatible with Microsoft’s current cloud services. And be delivered from Melbourne and Sydney, added Kavanagh.

He went on to say:

“It opens up a lot of interesting possibilities. As a region pair in Canberra, with a very close distance between those two, we can have most mission-critical systems that government can migrate into for Australian Unclassified DLM and [are seeking] Protected-level data storage.”

CEO and founder Greg Boorer informed ZDNet that CDC, now in its 10th year, features a sizeable portfolio. The assets include the two campuses of the Canberra-based data centre. Furthermore he believes that CDC will soon hold over 60MW in data centre capacity.

In addition, Boorer said that numerous departments in the government will utilise the foundation. He also stated that this new deal will serve as a way to strengthen the relationship.

He added:

“We’ve got 40 government departments and agencies, that do services to around 80 government agencies out of our facilities to-date.”

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