Hybrid cloud still not mainstream-ready, says experts

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27 August, 2015

IT research firm Gartner claims that a hybrid model for cloud computing remains between two and five years from being accepted in the mainstream, with only fifteen per cent of companies currently utilising the technology.

The organisation’s most recent Hype Cycle report on up and coming technologies indicates that hybrid cloud computing is going through a phase whereby interest is subsiding in the technology due to failed experimentations.

The report makes a prediction that between ten per cent and fifteen per cent of enterprises use hybrid IT strategies, where they will utilise a combination of public, private, and on-premise cloud services.

It also states that hybrid cloud is used by under ten per cent of the mid-market.

The report claims that while most firms will utilise hybrid cloud within the next three years, the more advanced models are yet to be refined and at the moment, require complex setup and operation.

It goes on to say:

“Positioning on the Hype Cycle [Gartner’s research methodology for interpreting technology hype] advances towards the trough of disillusionment as organisations continue to gain experience in designing cloud-native and optimised services, and seek to optimise their spending across on-premise and off-premise cloud services.”

Basic cloud computing, however, has much offer to businesses and can streamline operations so that these firms can work on their business and not in it. At Ten Ten Systems, we provide cloud computing to any firm looking to free up technical capabilities that they concentrate on other areas of their business.

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