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3 April, 2017

ICE Malta, when celebrating a recent anniversary, revealed further plans for the next chapter in the company.
The leading ICT academy in Malta is the invention of Nikolai Sammut, Matthew Sammut and James Abela. It is now in its fifth year of operations.

The academy provides globally recognised education from a number of the biggest educators in the world. Such names include the Digital Marketing Institute, Microsoft, Cisco, and Adobe.

ICE Malta’s Future Plans

ICE Malta, in its next five-year phase, will establish further study programmes, including the Digital and Social Selling diploma. They also plan to form integral joint ventures, and bring the ICE Malta Study Experience to students all over the world. They aim to do this via a new internationalisation programme.

The brand team for ICE Malta has now rolled out its new brand. This includes a name change, with the organisation officially shortening ‘Institute of Computer Education’ to ‘ICE’.

ICE Malta co-founder, Nikolai Sammut, said:

“What started as a school with two classrooms, is now Malta’s leading ICT academy, powering thousands of students as well as many of the world’s largest brands. While our flagship academy is situated in Malta, we are driven to leave our mark on the world of ICT, learning and extending the powerful ICE Malta study experience all over the world.”

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