ICT needs better implementation in education, says Nokia boss

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4 July, 2017

There are various ways of combating unemployment among today’s youth. Which includes adapting learning to the market and helping students to get online. The latter would allow them to discover the Internet’s ability to act asan information delivery service and teaching provider, says Nokia’s Brahim Ghribi.

ICT needs better implementation

Ghribi, who heads the firm’s government relations in Africa and the Middle East, feels that African nations, including South Africa, should be looking to review their system of education. To see how ICT needs better implementation. He also believes that they should be assisting young people in starting their own companies. In order to stand on their own feet. Without needing to depend on industry and government.

South African stats show that this year’s first quarter saw a 37% increase in unemployment among young people. Officials in the country have been putting on workshops in schools up and down SA. In a bid to show off the benefits of ICT.

Ghribi said:

“Technology is evolving much faster than the education system. Even high-tech companies always need to keep up with the changing technology environment. And this is a fundamental issue that needs to be addressed.”

Ghribi also feels that the constant evolvement of technology calls for a close working relationship between the private and public sectors. So that education can maintain pace.

He added:

“Opportunities are no longer limited to the traditional way of thinking that you go to school and on completion of your tertiary education find work at a company.”

ICT in Education

While the SA is not as developed as the UK, the fact remains that not enough UK schools and colleges are realising the benefits of ICT. At Ten Ten Systems, we work with educational institutions up and down the country. We provide a range of solutions to ensure that they are sufficiently integrating technology. Therefore making life easier for learners and educators alike.  To find out more contact us and discover how we can help you.

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