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How Apple Technology Can Benefit Students

With Apple Technology, it is more possible than ever to accommodate individual learning styles. Using iPads can help to engage students in your lessons – and we understand how difficult that can be!

The responsive touch screen allows pupils to page through websites with just the flick of a finger. Students can also use Apple to enhance their learning with an abundance of educational podcasts, e-books, and learning resources.

With built-in WiFi, iPads allow students access to the internet at any time. You can even add parental control settings in order to ensure a safe and appropriate learning experience. WiFi also makes it quick and simple for students to print from any iOS device to the printers on your school’s wireless network.

Thanks to accessibility features that support over 30 languages, students from all backgrounds can use iOS devices. As a result, Apple products make learning as individual as the pupil.

Help for Students with Special Needs

What Apple Technology Can Do for Teachers

Apple iOS devices come with built-in accessibility features that can help to meet special learning needs. Voice Over, a gesture-based screen reader, assists visually impaired students. Those who are deaf or hard of hearing can watch closed-captioned videos from the iTunes Store. What’s more, students with physical or motor skills difficulties may find the Multi-Touch interface easy to use.

Innovative Apps for the classroom

The App Store also offers innovative apps such as Dragon Dictation for transcribing words into text:

  • Proloquo2Go – for students with difficulty communicating verbally
  • Pocket SLP Articulation – developed by speech and language pathologists to provide a multi-sensory approach to speech therapy.

IOS devices are uniquely equipped to therefore allow every student to succeed.

What Apple Technology Can Do for Teachers

As teachers, you can choose from thousands of educational apps to provide extra support for any pupil’s needs.

Productivity Tools

With iOS, educators have instant access to a collection of productivity tools. These can be used for taking notes, browsing the web and sending and receiving email — all in a single device. In addition, iWork applications for iPad make it easy to create professional-looking documents, and stunning presentations and spreadsheets. Finished with your work? Use Mail to send the file to your inbox, or print straight from the device using AirPrint. You can add other apps such as iHomework to keep students on task, or try ResponseWare to turn your iPads into a polling device. IOS devices can make every school day more productive.

What We Can Do

Ten Ten Systems can assist you with the introduction and integration of Apple Technology. We offer specialist advice and support for schools that want to bring Apple into their classrooms. Read our news letter about implementation and the benefits it can bring.

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