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Impero Education Pro – The All-in-one Classroom Management Software & Monitoring Tool

Impero Education Pro is an advanced classroom management software solution that was designed to place the power at your fingertips. It is a remote monitoring service that was created to keep students safe and engaged, whilst also helping teaching staff to maintain control.

Impero Education Pro is the only software for classroom management you will ever need. Whether you are an independent or state school, from early years up to further education, Impero is the package for you.

Manage users, block sites, and monitor student computers. Our digital system gives you real-time visibility of every pupil’s device in one clear, central view. You can restrict or monitor access to websites, applications, and hardware. You can also track encrypted or unlisted USBs, and report on all network data by either individual users, or entire groups. In short, Impero gives you total control of your class’ online safety, so that their digital learning can thrive.

But it goes much further than that.

Our all-in-one software solution gives you complete control of your entire network. From your use of power, to the condition of your equipment, Impero has many functions that will improve your learning environment. It can help you to save time and money, as well as dramatically cut down on waste. This therefore allows you to focus your learning and keep your students safe.

In addition, it is fully compatible with most mobile devices and tablets, all while boosting the efficiency of your IT systems.

Numerous experts assisted in the development of Impero Education Pro, therefore the product is ensured to be a reliable resource. This list of developers includes The Internet Watch Foundation, The Anti-Bullying Alliance, Beat, and the UK Council for Child Internet Safety.

The Features
  • Classroom management
  • Computer monitoring
  • Internet safety
  • Desktop utilisation
  • Inventory management
  • Print management
  • Power management
  • licence management
  • Remote control and support
  • Mobile device monitoring
  • Patch management

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