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google for education - level 1: certified educator
What Is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a free application, designed to combine teaching with technology. It is a platform where teachers can create classwork, distribute homework, and much more, from Google Drive. Users can then quickly access files from the cloud storage, which makes group projects much easier to organise. Students can also work on the same document at the same time, from anywhere, so collaboration is simple.

Create a solution that built for teachers and students. With over 50 million Google Apps for education to enhance the learning experience by creating paperless assignments, you can stay organised and gain feedback from your students.

Find out about some of the benefits of using Google Classroom in your lessons here.

What We Offer

At Ten Ten Systems, our Google Certified engineers can provide your establishment with a wealth of expertise, advice and guidance on using Google Apps. We know it all, from Drive, to Docs, to Sheets. Our knowledge will help you to engage with students whenever, wherever, and on any device.

Our fully-trained engineers can also advise you how to best overcome the challenges in the Education sector. Not only this, but our engineers have passed the exams designed for teachers, to make sure that we fully understand the perspective of your staff and how Google for Education can exceed their expectations.

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