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Providing ICT Support in Education

The ever-changing world of technology makes ICT necessary but planning for the future is even harder in Education. Let us you provide you with the right solutions and  ICT support team so that you can get on with teaching. Whatever size your school is, effective and reliable ICT solutions are a must. Furthermore, an ICT provider who understands the curriculum requirements is vital. However, at Ten Ten Systems, we also recognise that ongoing ICT support is not always an option. If a preventative maintenance contract is not within your budget, then we have a number of options for you.

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Managed Support

Ten Ten Systems can provide you with our managed ICT support services. We specialise in meeting the needs of educational establishments. Although our base is in Chester, we have the infrastructure in place to manage your organisation, irrespective of your location.

Our focus is not only to keep your education systems operational and secure, but also to advise you on how to better use the IT you have available. That way, you can focus on teaching and other educational issues. Our managed IT support service is an all-inclusive, proactive package. Which covers every aspect of your ICT Systems including servers, PC’s, smart devices and more. We will deliver complete peace of mind for an affordable, fixed monthly fee with our inclusive on and offsite support plans.

Ten Ten Systems are committed to providing quality which we demonstrate through our numerous partners and accreditations. These include Microsoft Gold Partner, Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller, ISO 9001:2015 Certified, ISO 27001:2013 Certified, Cyber Essentials and Google Educator certifications.

Tailored Service

No two educational establishments have the same requirements. That is why we tailor each ICT support package to the exact needs of each school we work with. After all, why pay for something that you have no use for?

Guaranteed Response Times

You will never wait around for us! All of our qualified engineers are highly technical with a friendly, personal approach. We also understand that schools work to schedule so we will let you know exactly when they will arrive. So, you need to make changes to the timetable, you have time!

av installation / audio visual installation in a classroom
Project Based Support

Sometimes we all need a little extra guidance. If you are considering taking on a new project, but do not know where to start, then we are here to help. We can provide additional project based support to your IT staff. Additionally, we can assist with large projects like a new server, a wireless network or an audio visual installations. Our team will work on a project for a fixed fee.

At Ten Ten Systems, you will get an entire team of technical specialists on the end of the line. This team includes:

  • One manager to oversee the strategic direction of your IT
  • A client advocate to ensure that you receive an amazing service
  • Your personal business development manager in order to grow the services around your needs
  • Access to a pool of highly skilled engineers

We also guarantee you a timely and professional solution with us as your project supporter.

Ad Hoc Support

As an ad hoc support client, you will receive the same high level of service that contracted clients experience. You can also be rest assured that the same dedicated team of engineers will be looking after your school.

We offer rapid response support when you need it, or a brain to pick if your applications are baffling you. You will also have access to our excellent services, including one-off special projects and consultations. Our team of experts can help you improve your IT infrastructure. We can also safeguard the future of your school, without the commitment of a contract.

If you don’t feel that you need an annual support agreement but want the facility to be able to get telephone, remote access or onsite support when you need it, contact our Helpdesk team to resolve your issues for a fixed incident fee. Our IT Department keep support simple, and our payment plans are just as easy.

Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring, we can supervise your ICT systems to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Our monitoring system allows us to respond to alerts quickly in order to ensure the efficient running of your IT.

Firstly, our system sends any alerts to our central support account, so that all of our engineers will be aware of it. Secondly, our engineers then review and address the issue to get your site back on track. However, we are also able to see any recurring issues that may lead to further problems. We can then quickly fix these issues off-site, before they have the chance to affect your business operations.

Core Benefits

There are several core benefits to this package highlighted below, but the features do not stop there.

  • Continuous Security Updates – Not just for Windows but also a huge range of other applications that many companies overlook security patching for. Out of date patches is one of the most common ways networks get hacked.
  • Failed Login Checks – This shows us immediately when there are a high numbers of failed logins which is often the step before there is an unauthorised access attempt made into a network. At this point we put countermeasures in place to stop further attacks.
  • Website Checks – This will monitor your website for changes or for the website going offline. Many companies are not aware their website is down until a customer reports it. Our website checks allows us to take immediate action before the customer has even noticed.

We offer a full range of checks including:

  • Critical Event Checks
  • Disk Storage Checks
  • Performance Checks
  • Disk Health Checks
  • Windows Service Checks
  • Full Customer Reporting

Combining all these checks and management tools together your network, servers and PCs are more protected than ever in an increasingly vulnerable IT world.

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