Wireless Networks

wireless networks wifi wireless solutionsWhy Choose a Wireless Networks Connection?

The increased prominence of wifi means that extra consideration needs to be taken when choosing a wireless networks plan. However, the positive impact that wifi can have on the whole teaching and learning experience is well worth the research.

Today’s wireless networks are faster, and the technology is more affordable than ever. Going wireless also improves student/teacher satisfaction by increasing flexibility and accessibility. Wireless computing lets teachers access resources and information from anywhere at any time. In addition to this, they can send and receive emails, and do research on the spot.

Our Services

At Ten Ten Systems, we offer robust and reliable wireless network solutions. We only use tried and trusted branded products, so we know that our service will be to the quality that you expect. Whether you are looking for a wireless network within your home, or a multi-layered network within a business or school environment, our technical engineers are always on hand. We can assist with the design and installation of a wireless LAN (Local Area Network) to ensure you attain full coverage and maximum output at all times.

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