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30 June, 2020

Your infrastructure is important to your business not only for its growth but its stability. UK businesses lose £12.3 billion per year through downtime incidents, according to research by Imperial College mathematicians.

What should my IT infrastructure include?

Whether you are new or existing business or not, it is important to get your infrastructure right. Every organisation requires some form of hardware, relevant software, and a network to function, and these are the main components to your infrastructure.

Office infrastructure hardware, software, internet and human

The key components:

Hardware – Without any hardware, it would be impossible to have any IT Services. Typically, an organisation requires a minimum of either a desktop computer/ laptop or mobile device, server (either onsite or hosted) and router. Depending on the size of the organisation, additional hardware may be required.

Software – This is just as important as your hardware, as without any software your hardware will not operate. You therefore need to consider the types software required for your business and the specific roles within it, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Payroll/ Accounting or Word Processing. This software can be purchased as an off-the-shelf product or a solution tailored to your company’s needs.

The internet – Today no modern business can operate without the internet which is why your network connectivity is important. For your business to operate efficiently, you need a fast and reliable network so you can access email and the web, and, for some, your VoIP phone service. When it comes to staying connected you need to plan your cable run and the setup of networking hubs, switches, and routers where required.

Human input – Whether it is someone within the business or outside, or both, it is important they understand the IT needs of your organisation. Firstly, they need to determine the hardware and software requirements to ensure completion of necessary tasks. Secondly, would an existing solution be adequate, or would a solution require development? Or whether they should go with an on-premises solution or go straight to the cloud?

Lay your foundations now

It is important to remember that all these components depend on each other. Every organisation will need hardware, software, and networking to function and other components are useless without the human element.

Why should you worry about your infrastructure and networking services that’s our job! Our team will discuss what it is that you are looking to achieve. Then, give you advice on how to do it, design the solution and provide engineers to implement it.

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