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Ten Ten Systems offers a range of cloud services and solutions to suit your requirements, whatever stage you are at. Whether you are a start-up, micro-business, a growing SME or larger organisation, we can help you along your cloud journey.

Why move to the Cloud?

Today cloud solutions play a key role in the modern workplace. From applications to storage, cloud solutions could benefit your business in many ways. Avoid upfront costs, or the difficulties from owning and maintaining your own IT infrastructure and enjoy more flexible payment plans. We use innovative technology that not only supports your business now but also in the future as it grows. Subsequently giving you all the scalability and security, you need.

Our Cloud Services

Our five key cloud services are sure to help your business grow and succeed in today’s fast paced technology driven world.

Cloud solutions Office 365
Microsoft 365

If you are looking for cloud-based solutions that will improve your organisation’s productivity, then we can help. Microsoft offers a range of solutions that brings together the best of Office apps, great collaboration tools, intelligent cloud services, and advanced security. With Microsoft solutions you can:

  • Stay connected – through instant messaging, conferencing, email, and file sharing facilities
  • Get organised – have access to yours and colleagues’ calendars and emails whenever and wherever you chose
  • Remain protected – be safe in the knowledge that your data is safe and secure
  • Manage your data – from arranging regular backups to retaining emails from old disused accounts.

To see our full range of Microsoft 365 solutions click here.

offsite backup
Offsite Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning

Be prepared for the unexpected! Keeping your data safe is crucial to running a business. First of all, we recommend that our clients invest in a data backup solution and that they also have a disaster recovery plan in place.

  • Business Continuity – prevent any downtime by having easy access to backed up data
  • Be Prepared – ensure your data is backed up and never run the risk of losing it
  • Maintain your defences – never leave your security to chance, hackers are always looking for a way in
  • Save money – we offer cost-effective solutions to suit your business requirements

If you are a Microsoft 365 user click here to find out more about our exclusive Microsoft 365 data backup plans.

cloud storage
Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is just one solution that many of our clients are taking advantage of. With cloud storage data, it is remotely maintained, managed, and backed up to storage servers. Here are some benefits to cloud storage and why it should be part of your business plans:

  • No upfront costs – release cash for other projects with as there is no required upfront-capital investment
  • Flexible payments – pay for what you want at the time you need it.  Also, if your requirements change, then simply change your subscription
  • Protect your business – keep your company data safe with secure cloud backup
  • Access 24/7 – access your stored data files from any location, any time via the internet
  • Get back to operating your business – focus on running your business instead of the hassle of running IT Services.
remote management
Remote Monitoring and Management

Keeping your computer system running smoothly is time consuming. Why not let us do the hard work for you. Moreover, with our remote monitoring system, we can ensure the efficient running of your computer systems. Here are just some of benefits:

  • Improve Productivity – reduce the threat of any system downtime and maintain you staff productivity levels
  • Keep costs down – put a stop to unexpected expenditures after your initial investment hardware, software, staff, and maintenance costs. Let us keep your systems operating at optimum levels
  • Continuous Security updates – out of date patches is one of the most common ways hackers can get into your system – stop them in their tracks
  • Failed Login Checks – prevent unauthorised access by simply monitoring failed logins to your network
  • Website Checks – how would you know if your website was down? Most rely on their customers. We can give extra peace of mind by monitoring your website for unusual activity. So you can focus on your business.
Cloud solutions - VoIP phone being used
Unified Communications

When it comes to running a business getting the right communication solution is crucial to success. From the line rentals to unifying suites, we can design the right solution for your business. Furthermore, we can provide you with reliable, cost effective solutions with a wide range of facilities and features.

Our core telephony services:

Line Rental – Rent your phone line with us and benefit from saving money with our discount call charges

Connectivity – Let us get you the high-speed connectivity you need to run your business and at the right price

Hosted VoIP Phone system – Work without restrictions. Enable your staff to work smarter and faster whether they are working at home, the office or remotely

Mobile Communications – Get the right package, at the right price. We offer advice on the best package for you to the best device for your business needs

Unified Communications – Are you wasting time on using several platforms when you could be using one? Our all-in-one communications suite is easy to use and also, has a range of facilities and features.

Let us help you

Here at Ten Ten Systems, not only can we offer you all these services, but we provide a high level of expertise, knowledge and customer care. So, if you are looking at new ways to modernise your workplace our cloud experts can find a solution for you. Therefore giving you peace of mind and a better communications solution.

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