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Cyber Security is critical for businesses today. Using technology for storing and processing data is common practice, but with this brings the increased risk of security threats. Hackers have become smarter and consequently, more dangerous. So, it is therefore essential that you have the right cyber security measures in place to help prevent any unauthorised access to your data.

What would happen if your competitors had access to your clients and contracts?

Our Cyber Security Solutions

As a Cyber Essentials certified company we have the knowledge and experience to identify and rectify any security gaps you may have. Here at Ten Ten Systems we offer advice on how to keep your systems secure with our range of Cyber Security Solutions. Moreover, our experts can implement the solution(s) for you with ease. While our dedicated engineers provide ongoing support and ensure that your solution remains secure.

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Content Filtering

Accessing the internet is common in the workplace. With content filtering you can micro-manage your staff and controlling access to websites can help prevent any intrusive attacks. Let us know your requirements and we can provide content filtering that will match them. Furthermore, our remote monitoring means that we detect any attempted attacks and take the necessary action.

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Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities in your network. We ensure you have the firewall hardware that it is suitable for your needs. Our experts will also ensure that it is properly configured, and the firmware patches are always up to date.

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Anti-virus & Anti-malware Protection

Without the proper security, your system(s) could come under threat from malware or viruses like ransomware. Ransomware attacks are especially dangerous as they can hold your data to ‘ransom’. Our experts can advise you on the best malware and virus protection methods. They will also show you how to prevent such attacks.

Anti-spam Solutions

Anti-spam Protection is essential to defending your business against cyber-criminals. Cyber criminals are more sophisticated and constantly on the lookout for new ways to penetrate business defences. As a result, email threats have expanded beyond spam emails to dangerous phishing and fraudulent attacks. Let us help you find the right anti-spam solution for your business.

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