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Ten Ten Systems is always looking to save money for our clients by integrating their IT and Communications systems. Our line rental, broadband and hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) services are assured to deliver a complete package for your business. Combined with our IT services, this will also provide you with all your ICT needs. Our services means you can:

  • Access a faster, better service
  • Keep your existing numbers
  • Save more money than with your current supplier
hosted voip telephony services
Our Telephony Services

Telephony services are essential for handling calls within your network, as well as for distributing calls securely. They allow you to direct customers to the right person as quickly as possible and a great way to improve your business communications.

Our four telephony services will enable you to have the best business communications possible. Not only this but with our services comes a high level of expertise, knowledge and customer care.

hosted voip - line rental services
Line Rental Services

Ten Ten Systems are a re-seller of business telecoms. As an independent provider, our phone line rental service could save you money compared to your existing supplier. We deliver solutions that challenge prices from companies such as BT, while providing an excellent standard of customer care.

We provide a range of phone line options that include analogue (PSTN), SIP (digital) and leased lines. Also, we offer discounted call charges and broadband for both business and home customers. Choose between our ADSL2+ or Fibre Optic broadband deals and reap the benefits of our ultra-high-speed connections. Talk to a member of our team to find out which deal is right for you, and how much we could help you save in monthly line fees.

hosted voip - voip phone
Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) Phone System
What is a VoIP Phone System?

A Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP phone, is a system for transmitting telephone calls over existing data networks. Essentially, this means you can make a phone call anywhere providing you have a broadband connection.

Why you should consider VoIP?

Have you been asking yourself the below questions and answering yes to them all. Then VoIP telephony could be for you.

  • Wanting to reduce the cost of calls?
  • Looking for an alternative, more flexible system?
  • Wanting to network multiple offices and employees?
  • Looking to centralise cost control and management?
  • Nearing the end of your current or support contract?
  • Moving offices?
Our VoIP Phone Solution

Ten Ten Systems is a VoIP phone provider, and we work with Voip specialists to provide an award-winning service. If you are considering a telephony solution for your company, then our hosted VoIP is for you.

A hosted VoIP phone system offers the key benefits of economies of scale, cost efficiency and centralisation, even for smaller companies. It also delivers the feature-rich capability and flexibility of an IP-PBX.

Here are some more advantages:

  • Multi-group calling – Create your own business network with colleagues, clients and suppliers and call freely within it, regardless of location. This even works when abroad!
  • Save money – Reduce the cost of calling outside your business network and can, in some cases, be free), giving you even more savings.
  • Get connected – Connect home users, sales teams and clients at the touch of a button and increase your company’s productivity.
  • Best-of-breed solution – Have access to the world’s fastest, most reliable IP backbone.
  • Session Border Controller Security – Ensuring every call reaches its destination safely, without affecting your firewall.
  • Future proof – Companies can have their new phone system up quickly and expand with ease. Furthermore, if they move offices, they can keep their number(s) and area code at no extra cost.
  • Dedicated support – No Maintenance costs. We solve any problem remotely, usually before you are even aware of the problem.
hosted voip as part of unified communications
Unified Communications Solutions

Time is money and when it comes to running a business, communication is crucial to success. With so many forms of communications and platforms out there, have you got the right products to help you run your business? A unified communications platform could save you time and money. First of all, unified communications is not a single product, but a set of services brought together under one platform.

Unified Communications 

This service entails the integration of real-time and non-real-time unified communications services. Real-time services include instant messaging, presence information, telephony, video conferencing, data sharing (including Interactive White Boards), call control and speech recognition. Non-real-time includes unified messaging (integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax). Together, they provide a consistent, unified user interface and experience across multiple devices and media types.

All these products come from our partners, who are the world’s first communications cloud platform hosts. Their platforms will provide you with world-class business phone services, collaboration and virtual meetings. As well as this, they have a virtual contact centre, all in one unified suite.

Learn more about the advantages in our article: 6 Benefits of Unified Communications

mobile communications as part of hosted telephony
Mobile Communications
What are Mobile Communications?

Mobile communications are, quite simply, a way to keep in touch with others whilst you are on the move. This includes the use of devices such as mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc.

Of which, a variety of these communication services are often a business requirement. Travelling is sometimes a large part of the job for business personnel, therefore mobile devices are incredibly useful for productivity. Investing in the right products can help your staff to stay connected, meet deadlines, and communicate efficiently. You therefore need a business telecom supplier that can provide you with all of your communication requirements.

Our Mobile Communications Services

We work with a B2B telecom specialist, to provide our clients with the best business telecom services possible.

As an independent company, we can tailor packages to match your individual needs. We will connect you to the most cost-effective tariff for your business requirements. In addition, we can provide you with the correct devices for your business tasks, which will improve productivity. Our expert team can also give you advice on how to make the most of these devices.

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