Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure services cloud services computer setup Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the package that you need. Our infrastructure services cover all the necessities for online companies, so you can rest assured that you have exactly what you need. As a result, this will improve efficiency and profitability.

We will design and implement solutions, while dealing minimal downtime to your website. Our team of engineers are all Microsoft trained and have many years of experience. Their skill ranges from the installation of a single PC, through to the creation of an entire office infrastructure. So, whether it be networks, telephones, internet access or software solutions, we can support your business.

Our Infrastructure Services

  • Network Design and Installation
  • VPN configuration
  • Server Design, Build and Installation
  • Windows and Exchange Server Configuration
  • System Design, Build and Installation
  • System Health Check (critical updates/ service packs/ security updates)
  • Virus Protection and Implementation
  • Security Planning and Risk Assessment

In conclusion, with Ten Ten Systems as your IT partner, we will ensure the effective use of the right technology for your business.


If you have any questions about our services, then please contact us.