Networking Services

Network Services We Offer:

Structured Cabling

We specialise in network services surrounding the design, installation, and implementation of Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat7 Structured Cabling Systems.

Our design team will ensure that your installation is future-proof, as we constantly update ourselves on the most relevant processes. The engineering team adheres to quality-assured procedures, which ensure a high standard of work.

We have the knowledge and experience to ensure your installation gets completed on time, and within budget – whether you require one additional outlet, or a multi-thousand outlet installation.

Fibre Optic

Our Fibre Optic engineers have the latest installation and testing kits. This lets us carry out all types of fibre works to the highest standards. Whether you require Single or Multi mode fibre, you can rest assured that we will take care of supply, installation, completion, and testing.

We can lay an extensive range of connectors including ST, SC, LC, FC/PC and MTRJ. Fibre Optic technology is a cutting-edge method of transferring information over great distances using just pulses of light.

Wireless Networks

A Wireless LAN (WLAN) is a Wireless Local Area Network, utilising radio waves to enable a connection between devices.  This gives users the ability to move around within a broad coverage area, yet still be connected to the network.

Wireless is one of the most dynamic technologies. With the recent increase of bandwidth capability, wireless has become a viable solution, both in-premise and between buildings. In some instances, it can replace both the horizontal and vertical backbone infrastructures. We have the latest survey and design tools to take care of all your wireless requirements, from initial RF survey, through to design and installation. Using the latest security protocols, our team will ensure the protection of your wireless network and also test that it harmonises smoothly with your wired network.

RF Links

radio links cable network services

Radio Links are the ideal solution if you require either a point to point, or point to multi-point link. Mesh or Linear Networks are created using them. With a potential link radius in excess of 50 miles, a Radio Link is most definitely a secure choice for your long-haul connectivity.

Links usually consist of a pair of fully integrated IP rated radios, which are mounted to the outsides of each building. These links then cable back to your switch or router to provide you with a seamless network.

In the event of other connectivity links failing, Radio is often installed to provide flexibility. This is therefore useful for disaster recovery as they provide a backup.

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