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So, you have set up your website and got it looking the way you want it, but have you considered your website security? If you lock the doors to your home at night or when you aren’t at home to keep it safe. Then why wouldn’t you secure your website? Like thieves, malware is malicious, and an attack can be devastating.

Why secure your website

With so many different threats out there, site owners without website security are falling prey to their attacks. Our Website Security Solution protects your site against each one of these threats because we know that malware doesn’t discriminate. Malware doesn’t just target popular sites; in fact, the automation of attacks means that anyone could be a target. An attack will not only disrupt your website, but it can affect your reputation.

Here are some reasons why you should be using our Website Security Solution
  • Protection for unlimited pages within a single website – Malware has no prejudices. So, any of your webpages are a potential target.
  • Advanced security monitoring – Regular scans means we get to know your website’s regular activities so when something out of the ordinary arises we can take the necessary action to fix the problem.
  • Security analysts for advanced issues – Advanced issues no longer need to be stressful.
  • Google blacklist monitoring & removal – Backlists can affect your google rankings and your reputation.
  • Brand reputation monitoring – Your website is the face of your company and any potential risk to your customers’ data could ruin your company’s reputation.
  • Unlimited malware removal & hack repair – Keep your website in tip-top condition with regular malware removal and hack repair.
  • Trusted site seal – Let your website visitors know you have invested in their safety and indicate that you provide secure transactions and data.
  • Secure any website – Secure your website whether it is hosted with us or not.
Our Website Security Solution

We understand the many forms of website attacks and how to protect against each one of them. Our range of solutions are not only flexible but tailored to suit your requirements. Our Website Security Solution provides you with the advanced protection you need but made simple. There is no software to install (so you don’t need to worry about updates!). You choose the level of security scans and we do the rest. Your chosen scans will run automatically, remove and repair any damage.

Know your enemies

To beat your enemies, you need the right tools. Here are just some of the ways our Website Security Solution can help protect your site from intruders.

Malware scan, detection, and removal

Keep infections at bay! We don’t just scan your website but also your server. If an infection goes undetected, your website visitors could get infected or company data could be corrupted.

Google blacklist monitoring and removal

Did you know that Google quarantines around 10, 000 suspicious websites every day and puts them on their ‘Google Blacklist’? You could end up on their blacklist if your website is compromised by a malicious attack, which could affect your google ranking and reputation. If your site becomes blacklisted, we will notify, take the necessary action to clean up your site and get it removed from Google’s blacklist.

Web Application Firewall prevention (WAF)

Stop malware in it tracks! With Web Application Firewall (WAF) your incoming data is inspected and if any malicious code is found it is automatically removed.

Content Delivery Network performance boost (CDN)

No one likes waiting for a website to load. You could be losing customers if your site is running slow. Improve your site load time by up to 50 % with Content Delivery Network (CDN). Store your content over multiple servers worldwide so wherever your customers are they have faster access to your content.

Distribution Denial of Service prevention (DDoS)

Any down time on your website means you are losing customers and money. A Distribution Denial of Service (DDoS) attack can bring your site down in a matter of seconds. It works by overwhelming your site with influx of automated traffic. To prevent this type of attack we recommend to our customers they put in place a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and use our advanced security monitoring.

Brute Force prevention

You may think that you have found the perfect password that is impossible to break. But don’t be so sure. Hackers are determined to get your data and with applications like Brute Force passwords are no longer safe. Brute Force cycles through every possible password combination until it finds the right one. Once found hackers can wreak havoc; from stealing customer data to inserting corrupt coding.

Injection prevention

Hackers have lots of tricks up their sleeves to gain access to your customer database. One of these is injection flaws, this is when a hacker sends malicious data hidden as part of command or query. The purpose of this data is to trick the targeted website to do something it shouldn’t do, like giving the hacker access to sensitive company data.

Cross–site scripting prevention (XSS)

Would you know straight away if there was an issue with your website or if your visitor numbers dropped? Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks is another way for hackers to cause mayhem, by utilising flaws. First of all, they use XSS to send user-supplied data to a web browser without validating it first. They then use the flaws to steal users away to fraudulent sites or deface the targeted site. Which could see you, the site owner, with a loss of business and a tarnished reputation.

Zero Day Prevention

Hackers are continually on the look for any vulnerabilities in any website. Once hackers find a vulnerability you can be sure that a Zero Day attack will be launched before a patch is available. With no way of predicting this type of attack, we recommend using a WAF to all our customers as part of their website security. If you do fall victim to an attack a WAF will implement a virtually patch for your site.

Make your website secure

So where is Website Security on your to-do-list? Has it even made it to your list, or has it moved further down the list? Your Website Security needs to be a priority!  Taking preventive action now could save you time, money and your company’s reputation. We offer a range of security solutions that work alongside our Website Security to provide you with the defences you need to protect your business. Call our Website Security Solution experts today.

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